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Thomas P. MontAlto
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"I do believe in the icon power of architecture."

THOMAS P. MONTALTO ARCHITECT is known for architectural excellence and a passionate commitment to the power of superior modern design.

Superior ideas that transform a project can come from anywhere and very often come from the client. Innovation always derives from constraints which come in many forms--a tight urban site, a limited budget, a seemingly mundane project type, or a complex client group. Constraint fuels the fire of creativity, spurs innovation and drives excellence.

Thomas P. MontAlto proceeds from the belief that elegant architecture has a timeless appeal and that classical ideals of beauty are imbedded into human psychology. Timelessness now includes a new language of sustainability, LEED certifiable, energy efficiency and green design and this is important. It is also true that enduring works of architecture have always been sustainable.

MA works on projects of diverse type, size, budget, and complexity. The consultancy is characterized by design excellence and high standards of client service.  MA’s portfolio of projects reflects experience with many building types including, cultural facilities, libraries, higher educational buildings, corporate headquarters facilities, high rise towers, residential developments, urban housing, mixed use developments, private residences and estates of  both large and small scale.

MA has worked on urban development plans, accessory products and graphic identities and also produces, in conjunction with our digital partners, high resolution video animations to assist in fundraising  for architectural works.

MA's commitment is to design all with dignity, beauty and grace. We hope our work may create a more positive future that helps people to live well. 

MA is not driven by fad or  fashion but instead aims, through superb execution and beautiful form, to deliver thoughtful, original, contemporary, graceful architectural designs that exactly meet the clients’ brief. Economy of gesture and scrupulous attention to detail are paramount. MA works through an intensive collaboration with clients, design team members and consultants. Always we respect the client's needs be they private client, executive design firm or development entity.

MA seeks to produce the best possible design for each project. Meticulously designing in a minimalist and spare yet lush and inviting architectural syntax. MA buildings rely upon a modernist interpretation of classical ideas of beauty and balance, order and proportion. All our buildings are carefully related to the natural environment using our “Domain” concept and by paying close attention to the subtle use of natural light and ventilation.

Welcome to MA, collaboration and DESIGN ACCELERATION!!

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