Thomas P. MontAlto Architecture
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Designed to be a bold icon of cool, refined modernism in the midst of the endless strip commercial environment of suburban Cincinnati, S Spa is first and foremost a destination of personal care. A destination where a client can come for hair care, massage therapy, aromatherapy, pedicure, manicure, steam, sauna, facial, body work, counseling and more.

Constructed entirely of patterned and translucent ceramic frit glass, the jewel box of the building sits adjacent to a large reflecting pool with air fountain. The building and attendant parking are set into the middle of the property. Lush, minimalist landscaping and the sounds of the fountain shape a soothing remove from the hectic suburban sprawl. A generous entry canopy cantilevers out from the building to provide a covered portico for the fleet of limousines that bring clients to and from the day spa experience.

Inside, all is refined and sophisticated, beautiful and relaxing. A large atrium environment connecting all spaces is filled with soothing music and smells. The owners’ own line of cosmetics and beauty products line the backlit glass walls of the atrium and form a beautiful colored glass pattern that attracts purchase and soothes the eye. Materials are natural fibers, stone, glass and wood.  Finishes are refined and of very high quality.

Embracing the beauty of modernism and La Dolce Vita in the twenty first century, luxury is celebrated and refined in this enclave of personal indulgence and refreshment.

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